This section list questions and answers supposed to be commonly asked by our customers.

When can I deliver my samples?

As a general rule, anytime from 9AM - 4PM, Monday - Anyone in the lab who is available when you arrive can receive and store your samples. We are closed on all national holidays. Samples can also be delivered on the KI Solna-Huddinge shuttle service. For shuttle timetable visit the KI shuttle web page for further information. Always contact BEA before delivering samples.

Do you run QC on my samples?

All samples will be subjected to Quality Control on Agilent Bioanalyzer or Agilent Tapestation. If your samples look questionable or disagree with the information you supplied, we will contact you before proceeding.If you would like your sample processed without meeting the standard requirements, we will do so and bill according to the work completed. This includes samples that generate poor data.

When will the data be ready?

We expect to provide results within 6 to 8 weeks after the samples are delivered to the facility. However, this may vary from time to time depending upon the number of samples queued and the actual workload. RNA/DNA quality control is usually performed within a couple of days and user provided library sequencing service within 1-2 weeks.

How long are samples and data available?

It is the responsibility of the customer to secure and pick up remaining samples and data which will otherwise be disposed after 12 months. Although raw data will be stored for some time, the BEA core facility holds no responsibility to store preprocessed data or further analyzed data. It is strongly encouraged that remaining samples are picked-up after completion of the project.

What Data Analysis is provided?

Raw data is always processed for Quality Control purposes, and usually the customer wishes to have processed data in Excel format. See the Data Analysis section for further information.