Project Submission and Workflow

This section will describe the major steps in a microarray experiment, and may be useful to new customers.

Experimental Planning

This is a very important part of the experiment. Several decisions have to be made regarding array type to use, treatment groups, number of replicates etc. Please contact BEA for advice.


From 2021 all projects at BEA are demanded to be handled with the new cloud based core facility management system iLab. To manage and follow a project at BEA simply login to the KI ILab page with your KI ID credentials.

Sample Delivery

Usually the customer deliver the samples together with a signed BEA order form. When the samples are delivered BEA will submit the requested order into the iLabs system for approval and the customer will be placed in the project queue. Please contact BEA before delivering samples.

RNA/DNA Quality Control

All samples will be subjected to Quality Control on Agilent Bioanalyzer or Agilent Tapestation. If the RNA/DNA quantity and quality is sufficient, the samples will continue to labelling and hybridization.

Sample preparation and Analysis

All procedures will be performed according to the manufacturers recommendations, and the output is unprocessed data. A backup version of the raw data will be stored on our server for >12 months.

Data Analysis

Raw data is always processed for Quality Control purposes, and usually the customer wishes to have processed data in Excel format. See the Data Analysis section for further information.