Data Analysis

BEA provides data management and analysis support for all our services and applications. Analysis at the core facility is divided into basic and extended data analysis. The basic data analysis will always be included without charge as part of our core facility service. More extended support is also free of charge but more dependent on available resources. To secure long term extended data analysis partial allocation of project funds to directly cover the salaries for our bioinformaticians could be an alternative. Please contact BEA for details. We will always do our best to support researchers as long as time permits.

Please contact David Brodin or Tassos Damdimopoulos for further information.

Basic Data Analysis

High-throughput technologies such as next generation sequencing (NGS) can routinely produce massive amounts of data. Our general aim is to provide the researcher with data in a format that doesn't require further processing or software installations. Usually data is processed in the manufacturers software and delivered in Excel format together with sample group comparisons and annotations. Raw data will always be delivered together with processed data and a quality control report. At BEA we use different analysis pipelines for traceability of the performed data analysis. After delivery of results, we meet with researchers to answer follow up questions.

Extended Data Analysis

Data analysis can be optimized to meet your individual project needs. This includes all data analysis and bioinformatics not included in the basic analysis. Our extended service is continuously updated and depend very much on application. For example we offer advanced visualization and interactive review of results. Other specific examples of services are: functional analysis, gene ontologies, biological pathways, PCA-analysis, clustering, visualizations and submission of data to repositories.

Data Delivery to the Customer

BEA will always provide the customer with all raw data as well as pre-processed data with annotations for each assay, including Quality Control plots. The processed data is normalized using the appropriate methods and operating software. This procedure will generate signal values for each measureable point and the document will also include biological annotations for respective platform and assay. If the costumer agreed on bioinformatical help from BEA in forms of comparative analysis, statistical and bioinformatical lists are generated for the costumer to filter biologically interesting data from. This analysis will also be accompanied by an Analysis report for the specific project. The costumer will receive a link by e-mail where the all data and results can be downloaded from the KI Own Cloud or the BEA server.

Data Storage

The core facility will store a backup version of the researchers raw data. We recommend all researcher to make sure they received all data and store their own backup version.