NGS Sample submission

BEA is preparing libraries as described above but also accepting libraries prepared by the user. Importantly, the customer has to indicate the library sequencing primers and indexes that should be used during sequencing. Information about different primers for different types of sequencing on the Hiseq and Miseq systems can be found in this guide from Illumina. Libraries should be prepared in 10 nM concentration in 10 mM Tris pH 8. When submitting your samples please consider following points:

  • Include a signed BEA submission order form with correct invoice address and KI ZZ code and account project.
  • Indicate type of sequencing and desired target concentration ( 5-20 pM) in the order form.
  • Include and send a sample sheet with the sample names together with information about the barcode index in the pools.
  • Sample sheet template can be downloaded here
  • Please note that the following characters are not allowed in the names:
    The space character and ? ( ) [ ] / \ = + < > : ; " ' , * ^ | & .