Next Generation Sequencing at BEA

BEA is offering services for different sequencing applications with massively parallel high throughput sequencing on the Illumina platform using the Miseq, Nextseq 550 and Nextseq 2000 instruments. The data output, run time, read length and sample throughput varies with the choice of the instrument and flowcell. The output is generally from millions to billions of bases of data per run supporting a wide variety of applications. Samples prepared for sequencing can be indexed (barcoded) and sequenced in single or paired end reads. Services at BEA include library preparation, quality control, sequencing, and data analysis for different experimental NGS protocols including different RNA and DNA sequencing applications.

For most sequencing projects at BEA we try to use the cost effective Nextseq 550 and 2000 instrument which generates 100-1200 million reads per flowcell and run. For more focused applications, such as targeted gene sequencing, metagenomics, small genome sequencing, targeted gene expression and amplicon sequencing we are using the MiSeq which generates up to 25 million reads per run and flowcell.

Larger sequencing projects can also be handled at BEA and we will help to find the best solution and access to the most appropriate sequencing platforms available. For such project we usually schedule runs on the Novaseq 6000 and Novaseq plus platforms at NGI in Solna.

It is our ambition to fulfill your sequencing need as soon as possible. If you already have your own pooled sequencing libraries, sequencing services at BEA is handled faster.

System Overview

Illumina Nextseq 2000

The NextSeq 2000 Sequencing system contains the latest instrument design to miniaturize the volume of the sequencing reaction while increasing output and reducing the cost per run. The NextSeq 2000 uses patterned flow cells and a novel resolution optics system that yields highly accurate imaging data higher sensitivity than previous systems. Different output reagents sizes are available from 50-300 cycles generating >1000 Mreads/run.

Illumina Nextseq 550

Fast and flexible sequencer enables transcriptome and targeted resequencing applications for various project sizes and sequencing throughputs. Nextseq 550 reagent kits with different cycles are available from 75-300 cycles. Libraries are loaded into one flowcell and sequencing data are generated in 12 hours for a 75 cycle sequencing run. The output size makes the Nextseq suitable to analyse 20-40 gene expression profiling samples or 10-20 ChIP sequencing samples.

Illumina MiSeq

Variable read length from 50 to 600 cycles, single read (SR) or paired end (PE). 1 flowcell (1 lane) generates up to 25 million reads per run in SR mode. System is ideal for focused sequencing, smallRNA-Seq, library QC, prokaryotic samples, small genome sequencing and targeted capture.

Illumina System comparison

The different Illumina sequencing platforms can be explored under the link below.