DNA sequencing

For sequencing of DNA samples there is a broad range of library preparation methods available for different purposes and applications.Choosing the right DNA sequencing method for your samples depends on the amount and quality of DNA, the organism and the goals of your study. Common genomic applications are Whole Genome and Exome sequencing which allows analysis of mutational variants of the genome and exome.

For smaller and more focused applications custom targeted sequencing is possible where designed panels of specific regions of the genome are targeted for sequencing. This includes different methods with gene panels, disease panels, or amplicon sequencing where custom regions or genes of interest are sequenced.

Other common applications are different ChIP sequencing methods for identifying interactions between proteins and nucleic acids on a genome-wide scale, bisulfite sequencing to detect methylated cytosines in genomic DNA. In principle any DNA of interest can be isolated and prepared for sequence analysis. Metagenomics and 16s RNA sequencing is also an area of interest where genetic content of multiple microorganisms can be analyzed by using the whole genome sequencing techniques.

At BEA we have service to prepare your DNA samples for sequencing with different methods. Below is a list of appropiate library preparation protocols that we provide service for.

  • Nextera XT DNA Library kit prepares sequencing libraries for small genomes, PCR, amplicons, plasmids, metagenomics DNA samples or cDNA with a low DNA input requirement.
  • NEB Next Ultra II DNA Library kit is designed for construction of high-quality libraries using a broad range of input amounts of DNA. Suitable for ChIP sequencing.
  • Nextera DNA Library kits provide a fast and easy library prep workflow delivering whole-genome sequencing libraries.
  • Truseq DNA Nano and Truseq DNA PCR free reagents for whole genome sequencing applications including whole-genome resequencing and de novo assembly.
  • TruSeq DNA Methylation kit converts bisulfite-treated, single-stranded DNA into a sequencing library. The TruSeq Methyl Capture EPIC Library kit uniquely targets selected epigenetic regions of interest.
  • AmpliSeq for Illumina Custom DNA Panel for selected designs in various target and sample sizes.
  • 16S Metagenomic sequencing library for phylogenetic classifications of genus or species in microbial populations.