Metagenomic sequencing

Metagenomic analysis can give insight into the interactions between microbials and help identify individual species within microbial habitats. With shotgun analysis, fragmented DNA extracted from environmental samples are sequenced to study not only the microbial species composition but also the gene functions and associated metabolic pathways. With 16S/18S, amplicon sequencing focused on sequencing specific target regions to understand the composition and diversity within a biological sample.

BEA offers library preparation service includes whole genome shotgun sequencing of microbiota samples and targeted 16s amplicon sequencing using the Zymo Quick 16S Plus kit targeting the hypervariable V3-V4 region of the 16S rRNA gene to help identify the presence of multiple bacterial species.

The 16S zymo sequencing protocol is offered in plate format with an input of 5-20 ng gDNA with a maximum of 94 samples. More information about the method can be found below.