Our quantitative real-time PCR ABI 7900HT enables high-throughput gene expression analysis, using TaqMan chemistry, on 384-wellTaqman low density arrays (TLDA).

Applied Biosystems recommends using 100ng cDNA per port (i.e. 800ng per array). BEA can perform cDNA synthesis using Life Technologies Superscript III First-Strand Synthesis Supermix for qRT-PCR.

The TLDA arrays provided by Life Technologies are 384-well micro fluidic cards preloaded with Taqman gene expression assays, where you can choose from over 50,000 assays designed for human, rat and mouse. The system enables you to study gene expression in up to 8 samples and for 384 gene targets in one single PCR run. You can customize the TLDA arrays with your genes of interest or choose among predesigned Gene Signature Arrays provided by Life Technologies:

You can design your TLDA array with a full pathway of genes, such as colorectal cancer metastasis. Place all or some of the involved 176 genes on a TLDA array

TLDA arrays are provided in ten different formats with different number of target assays and replicates:

Running a TLDA array is fast, in total less than 3 hours. And it is easy, the few involved steps are:

For more information regarding TLDA arrays, go to Applied Biosystem’s web page.

Questions concerning the qPCR service at BEA can be answered by Patrick Müller