qPCR is the standard for measuring changes in gene expression and can detect very small changes. Our quantitative real-time PCR ABI 7900HT enables high-throughput gene expression analysis with different chemistry. Importantly, there are factors to carefully consider in order to ensure the generation of reliable data.

The most common approach for gene expression studies is a relative quantitation approach using reference genes for normalization that are not affected in the desired comparisons. SYBR Green is a method based on intercalating nucleic acid staining dye while Taqman is a method based on hydrolysis probe. Both technologies are designed to generate fluorescence during the PCR, which allows real-time PCR machine to monitor the reaction in real time. BEA offers help to design your specific analysis. Please enquire about the specific primers and probes needed for your project.

BEA also offers service with predesigned 96 well plates and TLDA (Taqman low density arrays) cards which are 384 well micro fluidic cards preloaded with Taqman gene expression assays. You can customize the TLDA arrays with your genes of interest or choose among predesigned signatures arrays provided by Thermo.

For more information regarding Taqman probes, TLDA arrays and predesigned custom plates, go to Thermo web page.