Information for external users

We provide comprehensive services to external users seeking high-quality genomic data analysis. Our state-of-the-art technology and expert team ensure precise and reliable results across various genomic applications, including gene expression analysis, DNA sequencing, and methylation analysis in different formats.

Whether you are a researcher, academic institution, or industry professional, our facility is equipped to meet your specific genomic needs. We offer tailored solutions, streamlined workflows, and a commitment to delivering data of the highest integrity. With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, we strive to empower your projects, from basic research to clinical studies and beyond.

Collaborate with us to unlock the potential of genomics and propel your scientific endeavors forward. Our Genomic Core Facility is dedicated to supporting your research journey, providing a robust foundation for breakthrough discoveries in the dynamic field of genomics.

How to get started?

BEA services include a variety of different applications on a range of different instruments. You can read more about our services on this webpage and you can contact us with any specific questions. If needed, a planning meeting can be scheduled. When all issues have been resolved an agreement will be prepared for your project. For external commercial users a total cost for the project will calculated covering all costs.