From 2021 all projects at BEA will be handled with the new cloud based core facility management system iLab. The iLabs system will be supplied by Agilent. The core facilities at KI are currently using different processes for bookings of instruments, request for services and invoicing. By using iLab, a common way of working will be achieved for all core facilities.

To simplify the login procedure, iLab will be connected to the identity management system used by KI. If you have a KIID, you will be able to log in using your regular credentials. External users will need to create an iLab account in order to book instruments and request services from the core facilities.

The integration between iLab and UBW (ERP system) will make it possible to generate invoices in iLab and send them for automatic handling in UBW, both for internal booking using project numbers and invoicing for external customers.

If you are a PI (Principal Investigator), you will manage your research group within iLab and give your team members access to the projects/funds you are managing. You and your team members will then be able to create bookings and request services using the projects/funds in iLab.

Getting started with iLabs

1.register at the iLabs page and get approval from PI.

2.Login using your Karolinska Institutet username and password.

3.Select a core (BEA) from the list of cores at Karolinska Institutet.

4.Once on the core's page, click the 'about' tab to learn more about the available services.

5.To request services from the core, click the 'request services' tab.

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