BEA provides resources and services to support research needs for high-throughput genomics. The analyses are performed with different sequencing and microarray platforms which support a number of different applications. Please contact us to discuss your project.

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RNA/DNA extractions and purifications.

BEA offers service for isolation and purification of RNA and DNA from biological samples in different formats.Good results in downstream genomic analysis depend on the sampling and the quality of the DNA/RNA. Different samples demand different protocols and input buffers. Tissue samples can be homogenized with our Tissuelyzer prior to extraction.

Gene expression analysis.

RNA sequencing is highly sensitive and accurate tool for measuring gene expression across the transcriptome. RNA sequencing allows detecting both known and novel features without prior knowledge. There are many different protocols available for preparing samples for RNA sequencing.

Analysis by Microarrays.

The core facility provides analysis services for the Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina microarray platforms.We have a long experience in expression analysis by microarrays and can offer extensive data analysis support and bioinformatics.

User prepared libraries/NGS sample submission.

BEA is preparing libraries as described but also accepting libraries prepared by the user. Please indicate type of flowcell, general sequencing setup, indexes and eventual custom primers that should be used during sequencing.

Epigenetics and Methylation Analysis.

BEA offers solutions for studies of gene regulation on the epigenetic level with the most commonly used applications for epigenetic studies.

Single cell sequencing service.

BEA core facility provides service with the 10X Genomics Chromium platforms allowing solutions for single cell genomics, characterization and gene expression profiling. The Chromium controller device enables the analysis of large cell numbers at the highest capture efficiency.